Mission Statement:
To create a partnership synergy between the client and ourselves in order to minimize costs, gain entry to the Libyan market, and advise businesses on how to secure private & government contracts.
Our team of consultants has over 20 years of experience in Libya and the middle east (with private & Government companies). Their knowledge ranges and encompasses both upstream and downstream sectors. Our consultants are post graduates of American and European Universities specializing in the oil industry.

The industry as a whole took a back seat in 1980 when government reforms led to the nationalization of all private sector companies, curbing free private enterprise. The economy was further hit in 1992 by the UN sanctions. In the beginning of the year 1997, we took cover by temporarily extending our base to Abu Dhabi from where we oversaw our operations. Our Tripoli office maintained a low profile and acted as an information transit and follow-up center. We have an office in Benghazi too. The recent total lifting of embargo on Libya by the European Union & United States has prompted us to restake our claims in being a part of its economic development. The private sector in Libya presently coexists with the functioning public sector where it runs under a defined set of guidelines constituted by the government.

By the beginning of the year 2005, both U.S. and United Nations completely lifted their embargo on Libya. Most of the American oil companies have started their activities in Libya.

In addition to consultation, we also provide the following services:
  • Consultation in both upstream and downstream
  • Providing local Libyan engineers with wide and varied experience in their respective fields
  • Representing multinational companies