Mr. A. Mukhtar has over 30 years experience in the oil and gas sector in Libya. He is the Founder and Co-owner of several former Libyan companies, including the National Fiberglass Company, Desert Services and Yasin & Co. and has well over twenty years experience in the USA with various startup and well established companies (Founder of ECOM Development) (V.P. of Sysorex Information Systems).
It gives me great pleasure to report that Petro Gas Oil Services is relocating its primary service activities to Libya now that the private sector has re-opened with the lifting of the embargo. We are now functioning as we did in the early 1970’s (then ‘Desert Services’) under our new name: ‘Petro Gas Oil Services’ with activities primarily directed onto oil & gas companies operating in Libya.

We are fortunate to have our primary base in Tripoli which today has become one of the fastest developing cities in the region. We, in Petro Gas, are proud that we have been able to play our part in the development of the industrial sector. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who have toiled to help re-establish this business and make it a great success.

Petro Gas Oil Services is a diversified oilfield supplies company engaged in the supply of equipment, spare-parts, accessories and services to the Oil & Gas industry in Libya. With utmost dedication, commitment, accuracy and transparency we provide best services to the Oil & Gas industry in North Africa, especially Libya. We are a well-resourced company with unquenchable desire, striving for excellence, perfection and total customer satisfaction. We directly service end-users by offering exceptional supplies and services.

We are working very closely with well-known principals, manufacturers and suppliers who uphold their commitment towards quality and better service in all fields related to our core business. We are therefore committed to total Quality Management concept.
Mr. A. Mukhtar
Petro Gas Oil Services