Mr. A. Mukhtar has over 30 years experience in the oil and gas sector in Libya. He is the Founder and Co-owner of several former Libyan companies, including the National Fiberglass Company, Desert Services and Yasin & Co. and has well over twenty years experience in the USA with various startup and well established companies (Founder of ECOM Development) (V.P. of Sysorex Information Systems).
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Petro Gas Oil Services Limited is based in Tripoli, capital city of Libya formed under the Libyan law with our core business operating in the Oil & Gas sector. A trusted national business that is distinguished for providing exceptional expertise ...
The services of Petro Gas is to supply of spare parts and materials required for petroleum and gas industries. They providing local Libyan engineers with wide and varied experience in their respective fields...
8 Abin Al Hassan St.
Zaviath Al Dahmani
Tripoli, Libya.
Tel : 00218 21 3408344 / 3408345
Email :